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Revista Goga Times – Școala în pandemie (2021)

Elevii Colegiului Național “Octavian Goga” au reflectat asupra schimbărilor impuse de pandemie, dar și asupra altor aspecte de interes pentru ei. Articolele sunt cuprinse în cel mai recent număr al revistei în limba engleză Goga Times.



· The two sides of online schooling Ana Ioana Severin, 9B

· Quarantine School – Tudor Popa, 10F

· Let’s Shine More than Ever – Izabella Beleţ, 10F

· The Pandemic – Our Enemy – Diana-Maria Dancu, 10F

· High school in bed – Daria Lupu, 10F

· Dealing with the unexpected – Raluca Brădean, 9E

· Learning from our mistakes. 4 habits that make online school harder for us – Daria Puia, 10B

· Missing Radio Goga – Daria Puia, 10B

· It’s still Erasmus – MOV.I.E.S online – Alessia Achim, 11E


· Memories…a Bridge over Time. An interview with my Grandma – Horaţiu Marin, 12B

· Life beyond high school – an interview with Teodora Coţofană – Daria Puia, 10B

· Unveiled tunes. Exploring the hidden world of Radio Goga – Daria Puia, 10B


· Duolingo – A jourbey among languages – Adriana Mandache, Rozana Istrate, 11E

· Presenting… Differently – Alessia Achim, 11E

· Quizlet- a brilliant educational app – Ana-Maria Todescu, 11E

· Paying with Kahoot – Raluca Aftenie, 11E

· Masterclasses at Udemy – Darius Dragoman, 11E


· 5 ways to enhance your emotional intelligence – Daria Covrig, 12B

· Spirituality and Religion – Alexia Olar, 9B

· The fascination of cyphers – Mihai Cornel Raţiu, 9B

· Keep on dancin’ – Raluca Brădean, 9E

· Music for all moods – Iustin-Matei Borbely-Nistor, 9A

· 2020 – Harry Styles’ Big Year – Alexia Tarnu, 10B

· We are all responsible – Cristina Bratu, 11A

· You are what you…read – Raluca Popa, 9B

· Quarantine TBR List – Alexia Iris Tudor, 9D

· Teen Writers – Karina –Elena Bogdan, 9D

· Voltaire. The Outlaw of the Enlightenment – Daria Puia, 10B


· Backstage – Irene Drăguşin, 10E

· Maybe or Maybe Not – Andreea Ticulescu, 11F

· Talking to the night – Andreea Ticulescu, 11F

· Awakening – Andreea Ticulescu, 11F

· The Islander – Iulia Gălăţanu, 10E

· The call of poetry- Anisia Maria Pădurean, 9B

· Unfree falling – Lorena Brad, 12B



Editor in chief: Cosmina Almăşan

Senior editors:

Claudia Bucura

Codruţa Colpoş

Camelia Galaftion

Georgiana Săvescu

Mădălina Spulber

Cover photo credits: Ana Ioana Severin


Iată un fragment din ceea ce poate fi citit în revistă:

It was normal and expected for people to feel lost when their lives changed overnight. Schedules that we followed day after day suddenly didn’t matter anymore. School no longer felt like school, everything was messy and no one really knew how to put things back together. However, that whole tangle is in the past now. It’s been almost a year and we are definitely a lot more organized now. Things are back on track and as normal as they could be during these times.

Still, those few months of confusion continue to affect us. We picked up routines that felt natural at the time, and that can now turn out to be quite destructive. But it’s nothing that a little bit of initiative and goodwill can’t fix.” (Daria Puia, 10B)

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