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Revista Goga Times – ediția 2022

Elevii Colegiului Național “Octavian Goga” vă prezintă cel mai recent număr al revistei în limba engleză GOGA TIMES.


Iată titlurile articolelor pe care le puteți lectura, precum și numele celor care au contribuit la realizarea acestei reviste.



Some Tips on a Better Approach to Online Schooling – Daria Teoc, 11 F

10 Tips for the 8th Grade National Evaluation – Mihai Marcu, 8A

How to control your nerves before an exam  – Iris Balteșiu, 8A

Freshmen in the Pandemic – Rebeca Roman, 9E

School in the pandemic   – Fabian Manta, Raul Giura, 9D

Bridging the gap – from middle school to high school – Diana Pampu, Maya Găitan, 9D

How to avoid technology addiction – Casiana Ionaș, 9E

How to Learn Chinese in High School – Paula Gusan, 10B

Balancing your school life and sports life  – Oana Oltean,  Radu Pîrvu, 9D

The real Octavian GogaȘtefan Tarța , 8A



Inside a teenager’s mind – Ioana Popa, 9E

Hopes and Fears of an Almost Graduate

  • Hopes and fears, what’s up with you guys – Teodora Șeican, 12E
  • I want to LIVE – Diana Tichie, 12E
  • Who am I? – Ana Ciuștea, 12E

Happiness in the eyes of  CNOG teenagers – a survey – Maria Frățilă, 9E

The Importance of Personal Development  – Alexia Olar, 10B

How a pet can improve your mental health  – Ana Ioana Severin, 10B

Morning Rituals – Eliza Georgiana Micu, 10D

The art of breaking the habit – Robert Crăciun, 9E



Why Volunteer – Melisa Ene, Andrada Hurezanu Andrada, 10B

Choosing a career – Daria Puia, 11B

How your Hobbies Can Determine your Future Career – Ana Plopeanu, Denisa Iuga, 10B

Interview with an entrepreneur – Daria Puia, 11B

CROSS CULTURAL HORIZONS – An interview with Mr. Matthew Chernick, Social Studies teacher at McCall Middle School, Winchester, Massachusetts, USA – Radu Văcaru-Sora, Xenia Nicodim, Teodora Popa, Ștefania Căzan , 9B

Steve Jobs, the man who changed the world – Alexia Tarnu, 11B



Music, a Refuge for the Soul – Diana-Maria Dancu, 11F 

Music and what it means to us  – Raluca Popa, 10B

A short story about the famous rockstar, John Lennon – Alexia Tarnu, 11B

ABBA Reunion after 40 years – Alexia Tarnu, 11B

Art and Creativity – Gabriela-Maria Radu, 8E

The influence of art- a personal approach – Filip Simescu, 11I

Tips &Tricks for better photos – Ștefania Maria Strava, Luiza Ioana Sfetcu, 9F

Photo Collages – A Form of Art  – Patricia Boga, 11D

The philosophy of history – an illumination of the soul  – Teodora Crișan, 10 B

Fast Fashion – Alexia Cazan, 9E

Fashion Trends Coming Back – Emilia Grozav, Teodora Morar, 10B

My hobby could be your hobby – Horseback riding – Vanessa Lazăr, 9E

The hardships of being a professional athlete – Darius Mitaichie, 10E

Hit the Slopes – Amely Eunice Bordon,  Ioana Paula Simtion , 9I, Vanessa Turean, 9F



Fiction vs Non-fiction – Ana Caraveteanu, Riana Beju, 10 B

Poetry and poems:  the art of living, feeling and yelling – Mara Andreea Deac, 11E

Books – Our Silent Friends – Tania-Doinița Dancu, 9B

READING – a hobby – Andra Boldosan, 10B

  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab – Book review – Theodora Todoran, 9I


  • One extra pill, one life lost – a review of Withdrawal – a film made by the           Erasmus+ MOV.I.E.S Project team – Maria Chichioacă, 11A
  • Life behind masks – a documentary made by the Erasmus+ CAREER Project team – Bogdan Ancuța, 10E

Meteor Garden film review – Amalia Posa, 9I

“Don’t look up”, the satirical apocalypse – Daria Puia, 11B



Little stars – Iulia Galațanu, 11E 

One second below zero – Theodora Ciobanu, 7A

The lyrical corner – Karina-Elena Bogdan, 10D

  • On the endless thread of irreversible time
  • Cold hands, warm heart
  • It will all make sense eventually

Your way back – Elena Ștețiu, 8A

Far cry – Maria Râșnișă, 8A

The remedy – Sonia-Mara Știrbeți , 8A

Two masked years – Teodora Trocan , 8A



Editor in chief: 

Cosmina Almăşan

Senior editors:

Camelia Galaftion

Claudia Bucura

Codruța Colpoș

Georgiana Săvescu

Maria Costea

Mădălina Spulber

Simona Orăștean


Cristian Rădac

Iustin Borbely-Nistor

Maja Buta

Mario Piloiu

Patrick Boldor


Daria Teoc


Iată un fragment din ceea ce poate fi citit în revistă:

FOREWORD: this abomination of words, all crowded onto one sheet of paper, are purely intended to act as an opinion on our daily monotonous lifestyles, NOT as a material to instigate, or to facilitate someone’s state of mind in a negative manner. What you’re about to read is a stranger’s set of beliefs on a matter, so I advise you not to fully trust what this stranger has to say, for your own good.” (Robert Crăciun, 9E)


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