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Learning about the concept of ”sustainable economy”

As we are preparing for our last meeting on the topic of “Sustainable Economic Growth for the Future of Europe” we have asked for specialist help from the Faculty of Economic Sciences,  of “Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu.

Ms Silvia Marginean, Faculty Dean, kindly agreed to help us with this task. Our educational partners were gave us a theoretical introduction to the concept of ‘sustainable economy’ and also got us engaged in a more hands on activity.

We were welcomed by Mr  Cosmin Tileaga,  Vice Dean, who told us about the Faculty activities.

Ms Lia Baltador helped us understand the difference between economic growth and economic development and told us some details about European targets in the economic area.

Ms Anca Serban explained how everything we do can have economic, environmental and social effects and set us a challenge: to think of a small sustainable project and to analyse the micro and macro effects.

We then presented all our group ideas on how to take small steps, with a great impact:

“We were informed about the sustainable development, what it is and mostly what can be done in order to improve our planet`s situation. Moreover, we were shown a conceptual project, meant to reduce water waste and to prevent water shortage and also we were divided in 4 groups whose tasks were to come with other ideas of such projects. After 20 minutes of thinking, every team presented its idea, all of them being as good and useful- on a local and a global scale- as the one that was presented. That was our final activity in this workshop, which fulfilled its main aim, to raise awareness among youngsters that we only have one planet, with limited resources which we have to preserve for a brighter future of mankind.”

(Daniel Popescu, 11 E)


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